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There are many causes of hair loss. It is normal for the average person to loss 50 to 70 hairs a day on ones head. This is nothing to worry about because a new hair will normally grow from the same hair root.
The major causes of permanent hair loss are heredity and age.

Other causes include :

bulletTrauma caused by intensive blow dryer abuse and stressing the hair root by having the hair in constant tension. “Pony tail or Pig tail” style can cause this abuse.
bulletDrug treatment for some illnesses
bulletHigh fever
bulletRadiation or chemotherapy
bulletToxic (nicotine, drugs, abuse of alcoholic beverages, formaldehyde)
bulletNutritional and metabolic deficiencies
bulletSkin diseases (Areata Alopecia, Seborrheic)
bulletMisused hair treatments or abused prescriptions
bulletSmoking or Drug abuse

It is common for clients to exhibit a combination of above-mentioned risk factors. This combined with having a genetically programmed hair loss schedule will cause a gradual thinning of ones hair.

It is important to understand the complete medical background of the client in order to design a treatment program that is as individual as each client is. Once medical and scalp assessment is made the group give a honest and complete evaluation as to hair transplant options.

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