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Besides eliminating the baldness stigma, the procedure produces a facial rejuvenation which not only improves one appearance but over all mood and feeling of self worth. Hair transplantation is different from medical hair growth treatments because it requires no constant application of creams or lotions, which in the long run cost much more than transplantation. Transplantation is permanent and much thicker results are assured than medical treatments.

Technical knowledge, combined with years of surgical experience and an artistic ability is the only way to ensure results shown below. While many hair transplant surgeons obtain “hit or miss” results, Dr. Cesana’s experience in facial re-construction, and severe burn victims and 3,500 performed hair transplant surgeries guarantee that results provided are the highest quality available. His reputation is far reaching in that clients visit his clinic from all over the world both to take advantage of his skill and the Brazilian Real devaluation.

Even when the hair is forced backwards, it is not possible to see that transplantation occurred.

How to choose a doctor

Diplomas, certificates of courses, titles etc. are important. Unfortunately this tells only half of the story required to ensure proper service. Only after years of experience and a skill given at birth can a doctor provide the shown above results.

WARNING : Take care when reviewing before and after photographs in Black and White. Many have been touched up to provide an illusion (read false) representation of the Doctor’s abilities. Insist on color photos and names of clients (with phone numbers) who you could contact in order to confirm that they received pleasing results.

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