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The surgery is performed using a local anesthetic plus a mild sedative. The procedure usually takes five hours to transplant 5,000 hairs to their new location. No bleeding, pain or discomfort is experienced from clients during the surgery. The patient sleeps during the surgery but may wake from time to time to stretch or have a glass of water.


Most clients say the hair transplant experience feels like taking a twenty-minute nap and waking up refreshed. After the surgery, the client is free to go home without a need for further medical assistance. Because the client may still feel a little sleepy from the sedative it is the Medical Group’s policy to insist the client does not operate a car or machinery until the next day though.

All surgery is performed using a binocular magnifying lens, which allow better visualization of the delicate follicular units. The hairs are placed as close together as possible. Only state of the art equipment and the follicular technique are used.

Advantages of using the follicular hair transplantation technique:

bulletThere is never a deformity of the skin surface.
bulletThe hair grows naturally on a smooth scalp. Other techniques produce a bumpy choppy surface, which will annoy the client every time he combs his hair.
bulletProvides better hair follicle oxygenation that ensures healthy growing hair.
bulletCan place hair follicles densely together with extreme precision to consistently produce a “NO EXCUSES” natural appearance.
bulletCan place 5,000 hairs in one session.
bulletFaster post-operative recovery. Many receive the surgery on a Friday and go back to work on Monday without anyone every knowing.
bulletMore natural hair distribution. If you didn’t tell a barber that you had transplant surgery, he would never know.
bulletThere is no bleeding due to the delicacy of the techniques employed.
bulletThe client can look forward to a tranquil recovery with no pain.
bulletThe hair can be washed the next day and the client can go back to work and resume a normal life.

Soon, signs of new hair growth will occur. Once the grows starts (in about ninety days) clients report that everyday thereafter is like Christmas as they awake to see their new hair growth start cover areas that once took away their self esteem, confidence and visual appearance.

Many say that they feel young again because the vision they see in the mirror is a reinforcement that they are. Many also say that they are treated with more respect and are taken more seriously then they were before their surgery.

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